Principle UX designer, lead designer
I am the UX design lead on multiple digital product across the user experience, from top of funnel lead gen forms and landing pages, to loan applications, loan management and dashboard tools. Day to day tasks include continual discovery practices through interviewing customers, observing users interact with the product, and carrying out in-depth research projects in order to drive positive business outcomes and an improved user experience. I've worked with several teams across the organization, including the sales team, testing and optimization team, SEO and customer acquisition.
Multiple design iterations after an extensive customer interview process lead to a 560% increase in interaction on Lendio's website, along with a 15% increase in the loan application's completion rate. 
Improvements to the core marketing landing pages led to an 8.73% increase in conversion, resulting in an estimate of $114,000 - $152,000 increase in revenue.
Creation of new loan offer and acceptance experiences for small businesses in an improved Lendio user dashboard.  
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