Art Director, Lead Designer
We took on the immense task of rebranding the nutraceutical company, Nature's Sunshine. As art director, I lead a team of designers in modernizing Nature's Sunshine's logo and website. I designed the new logo and the core pages of their new site, including the homepage, product overview page, product detail pages, and many others. I worked directly with EKR's creative director and the executive team of Nature's Sunshine to ensure the rebrand was successful for the company and well received by their dedicated customers. 
Final Logo Design
Mood board Inspiration
Nature’s Sunshine’s research determined that in order to broaden their customer base and appeal to an ever growing market of younger individuals, but still cater to their older, legacy customers the brand needed to reflect the following attributes: Clean, elegant, and simple, while calling back to Nature’s Sunshine’s beloved history. We created several mood boards for the logo, packaging, and website to help provide initial images, concepts, colors and styles that we felt best represented the key attribute Nature’s Sunshine’s customers yearned for.
Logo Development
The visual identity needs to represent the key attributes values, culture and promise inherent in a brand. By refining the logo concepts through a 3-round process (plus additional rounds when necessary), we were able to create a solid logo that resonated not only with a large executive team, but more importantly with Nature Sunshine’s loyal customer base. A survey given out to a select group of Nature Sunshine’s members yielded overwhelming positive results and allowed us to move rebrand forward with confidence.
We began the web development process with a comprehensive site map to determine the general user flow and pages needed for a successful customer experience. Apart from allowing us to plan the best initial customer journey and the site’s main navigation, the sitemap helped us collaborate with the executive team and UX team to determine which pages would be done by which team, and allow us to work quicker and more effectively within the project’s timeline.
The wireframes were an essential step in the process, helping us create a more comprehensive visualization of the user’s experience as they navigate each page of the site. The wireframes allowed us to address any questions about the efficacy of each page and site as a whole, and jump started us into the high fidelity rounds of design.
Home Page Designs
To kick off the design phase, we presented several variations of the homepage to the executive team to determine which visual direction would be best based on the preliminary research into the different target personas. Nature’s Sunshine felt a blend between a clean modern design and a classic apothecarian look would resonate well with their new and existing customers.
Drop Down Nav Exploration
We needed to create a mega-nav and modules that helped users quickly navigate through a wide variety of products through specific health categories. To help the users along their way, we created multiple points of entry to the shop page through the drop down menu and other modules. We designed icons to help the user quickly identify different categories and make the experience an enjoyable one. If we wanted the user to feel good about purchasing a product, we had to make the experience feel good. The health category list and icons was used consistently throughout the user’s journey on the site.
Product Module Exploration
One of the challenges we had was finding a clean and functional way to present the products to the user. Although we were in the process of designing updated packaging for the products, we still had to be accommodating to existing product imagery. We determined that present product imagery in a simple, stacked, 3 column layout, against a white background, would work the best for Nature’s Sunshine’s vast product inventory.
Product Shop Page
The product overview page was the result of carefully balancing the clean, simple aesthetic while maintaining an easy-to-use and functional design. Users would be able to filter their product search through the health category icons, as well as a variety of selectors in the sidebar.
product shop mobile filters
Product Detail Pages
Mobile Responsive
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