Creative Director, Marketing Consultant
I redesigned a Shopify site for SandBar Handcare, all while monitoring the site analytics to help improve the user experience and increase conversion rates.
Hardcore athletes needed to fall in love with an innovative callus file that helps tame their unhealthy calluses. SandBar's callus file is the ultimate callus care tool, and the website needed to quickly educate and convince them how the SandBar will improve their athletic performance.
SandBar’s website was in desperate need for a UI/UX overhaul, with their previous site being near dysfunctional. I implemented a cleaner design and layout using custom Shopify page builders. Gifs and videos became powerful tools to show new visitors how the SandBar works. Multiple banners were tested over a year to find the most successful approach to educating users and driving conversions.
Competitive Analysis and Mood board
Based on my research of other athletic product brands, I found that an effective way to educate a user about a product is not to just feature the product in a beautiful way, but to show it in-use by people the user can relate too. In the past SandBar was showcasing nasty callus injuries to scare the user into wanting the product. Instead I took the direction of showcasing the simplicity and functionality of the product. 
Overhauling the page designs
First Update for the home Page
The product was featured in-hand more prominently, CTA's were made more apparent, and product modules were simplified to make the content more digestible for the user. 
Results: Increased conversion rates (CR) by 15%, resulting in an average CR of 2.51%.
Second Update for the home page
The product was isolated outside of the imagery, with an auto-playing video showing the product being used to help educate users on the simple functionality of the SandBar. On mobile, this highlight video was converted to a gif to allow playable across any mobile browser. The CTA buttons were given a stronger accent color to make them more noticeable. Imagery and gifs were optimized to help improve page load times.
Results: The conversion rate improved again, leading to an average CR of 3.7%. View the two hi-fidelity designs.
Product page and feature section updates
Product pages were given a fresh new layout to help organize product information and make it easier for customers to add product to their carts. Product pages became more educational, functional, and purposeful.
Landing Pages
SandBar was struggling to branch out of their target audience of CrossFit athletes and reach other customers that could benefit from its products. To address this issue I created multiple landing pages that used imagery and text to educate new customers on the product's benefits, specific to their athletic environment.
The result was a website that better educated users about the unique product and drastically improved conversion rates, with the site seeing improved metrics from products being added to the cart and sessions converted, generating tens of thousands of dollars for SandBar.

After the updates were implemented, SandBar saw a 17% increase in total sales and a 63% increase in the average order value for their peak holiday season in 2019. They saw another 8% increase in total sales the same time of year in 2020.
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